Hello, I am Yaocong Duan from China. This is my homepage for sharing my academic interests (Research) as well as some tools (Service) developed by me. Below is a brief introduction about myself. Hope you enjoy the tour in my homepage.

As a developer

I particularly like web development, since I believe WEB is one of the most influential media that changes how we do things. Besides, I am also fond of some desktop development libraries, like Qt.

Corresponding link: GitHub

As a researcher

I am currently a Ph.D student at University of Glasgow, and working on using information theory and informatics methods to study biological systems (particularly visual neural system).

Corresponding link: Google Scholar Research Gate University of Glasgow

  • Working on Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering (Neuroscience & Psychology) at University of Glasgow. Supervised by Prof. Philippe Schyns, Dr. Robin Ince and Dr. Rachael Jack.

  • Won a Gold Medal and nominated for "Best Software Project" at iGEM competition in Boston. Leader of the team. Under the supervision of Prof. Fengbiao Guo.

  • Joined the HLAB, Center of Bioinformatics, UESTC. Supervised by Prof. Jian Huang.

  • Obtained B.Sc in Biotechnology from UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 电子科技大学). Awarded with "Excellent Graduation Thesis".

  • Urumqi Bayi High School, China. (乌鲁木齐八一中学)

  • Huocheng No.4 Middle School, China. (霍城县第四中学)

  • Huocheng Experimental Primary School, China. (霍城县实验小学)

  • Happy child time.

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